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If distillation is a skill, blending is an art

The contact with the barrels, the influence of their origins makes D.U.C a Whiskey with a distinctive character.

The cellar masters of Maison DAUCOURT have managed to achieve their ideal. By combining flavors from different barrel origins (mainly Sauternes and Cognac), they created a whiskey with apparent sweetness and a powerful identity.

Tasting Notes

On the nose: sweetness of candied fruit, apricot, and plum. Pleasant notes of orange blossom accompanied by a touch of vanilla.
On the palate: An approach of finely peated malted cereal, and a subtle oakiness, that gives way to notes of French pastry and caramelized dessert. Delicate and greedy at the end of the mouth, reminiscent of cocoa, dried orange peel and hazelnut.

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